In light of the recent controversial social media publicity the Granite County Medical Center has received, the Healthy Granite County Network would like to assure our community that we are, like the medical center, disappointed in what occurred and we certainly do not condone any unprofessional conduct. We understand the important role our local healthcare facility plays in the health and well-being of our clients. Therefore, we are supportive of their efforts as they work to address this issue. We are proud to serve the Granite County community and our success relies heavily on the mutual successes of all our network partners. Thank you for your continued support of our work.

Building a Healthier Granite County, now and into the future.


The Healthy Granite County Network will create continuous access to available preventive screening, health education, and critical medical treatments to maximize the health of all citizens of Granite County. 

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Network Statement

Granite County, Montana is large and beautiful geographically, yet sparsely populated and short on medical services. The Healthy Granite County Network seeks to improve the health of all residents by increasing access to current resources as well as bringing more medical resources to the county through telehealth, partnership, outreach, and education. 

Civic-minded residents and health professionals have joined forces to invest our energies and our resources to create a healthier Granite County. As members of the Healthy Granite County Network, we are working to provide a central point of contact for patients and families as they navigate the difficult medical terrain; a robust mental and behavioral health program; and telehealth options for medical services our residents may not otherwise be able to obtain. 

As ambassadors for our community, we are enthusiastically moving ahead with a plan of action that will assure a healthy and vibrant Granite County. 

Behavioral Health.

Granite County is lacking in behavioral health resources and support. Our goal is to increase local access to behavioral health services. 



Community Trainings.

The Network hopes to create informed citizens through coordination and collaboration with statewide and national behavioral and mental health trainers to provide free community-wide trainings to the people of Granite County. 


Care Coordination.

We are working to provide Granite County residents with seamless care coordination services, referrals and compassionate whole health care resources. 

The Future.

The Healthy Granite County Network is a non-profit organization made up of local residents looking to create positive changes in our community. We are working to create sustainable mechanisms to permit the ongoing, innovative solutions of the Network in order to remain relevant to ever-changing health care needs.  



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